Natural Gas Collection Point.  Problem: Limited access, hydro-vacs could not reach dig location without adding hoses and extensions.  Result: Sky-Vac setup outside the production area and was able to reach entire dig.  With nearly an acre of coverage, relocation wasn't required.

Sky-Vac SV-120-1

*Patent Pending*

SV-120-1 can be used with any major hydro-vac in the market.  The unit comes with a bolt-on adapter to accommodate the different hydro-vac manufactures clamps.  It's as easy as clamping the vacuum line and connecting the water line.

  • Designed for service companies who already operate hydrovacs & combo-vacs
  • SKY-VAC stays on site digging while hydrovacs & combo-vacs cycle loading / unloading
  • Can be used with any hydrovac that has at least a 5000 CFM P.D. Blower
  • Available on the following chassis:
    • Kenworth T800, Tandem Pusher, 13L Cummins, Allison 4500 RDS A.T.
    • Western Star 4800, Tandem Pusher, 13L Detroit, Allison 4500 RDS A.T.

Exposing a buried pipeline. Problem: Limited access and logistical issues was resulting in traditional hydro-vacs getting two loads per day.  Sky-Vac was able to setup away from the congestion and pull 4 loads.

Integrated Chassis Solutions