Integrated Chassis Solutions


Designed for service companies that have hydrovacs or combovacs, but want additional reach capibility. 

​This unit utilizes the vacuum system and high pressure water system of your existing fleet.  Leave this unit setup and cycle in your fleet.  Your customers will be impressed at the continued progress on location. ​

Sky-Vac SV-120-2

Extend Your Reach


Sky-Vac Features

Debris Pipe Line Size8" & 6" Steel Pipe
Pipe System Vacuum Rating28 inHg
Pipe Pressure Rating610 psi
Water Line Pressure Rating (1/2" Diameter)5,000 psi
Air Line Pressure Rating (1" Diameter)150 psi
8" Vacuum Relief ValveIncluded
Patent Pending Boom Overload SystemIncluded
Air Connections (Boom & Rear of Truck)1" Chicago
Water Connections (Boom & Rear of Truck)             1/2" QD              1/2" QD, 2" Camlock
6" Tip Hose Length10' Hose + 6' Dig Tube + 6' Extension
Minimum Recommended Vacuum Input5000 CFMIncluded
Recommended Pump StylePositive DisplacementIncluded
Blower (Robuschi RBDV-145, 6,250 CFM, 28 inHg)N/AIncluded
Boiler (Epps, 400k BTU, 12V, Diesel Fueled)N/AIncluded
Water Tank (700 Gallons)N/AIncluded
Water Pump (Pratissoli HF25A, 19.4 gmp @ 4,060 psi)N/AIncluded
Transfer Case (Fabco 600 H.P.)N/AIncluded

Digging holes

Sky-Vac SV-120-1

​From the WWETT Show 2015

​Proven performance

All-In-One Unit.  Complete hydrovac that utilizes standard vacuum boxes for debris, thus maintaining FMCSA compliance.

Use industry standard vacuum boxes and roll-off trucks to increase your productivity.  Hauling more debris per load translate to fewer loads.  Cycling boxes instead of hydrovacs means increased time excavating and cheaper logistics. 

Boom Specification

Vertical Reach126' 4"38.5 m
Horizontal Reach114'34.7 m
Below Grade Reach w/ Tip Hose89'27.1 m
Pipeline Diameter8", 6"219 mm, 168 mm
Boom Sections44
Boom Rotation380 Degrees
Unfolding Height29' 1"8.8 m
Front OutriggerSuper X
Rear OutriggerExtension & Jacking
Outrigger Soil Pressure w/o Dunnage (front/rear)304/304 psi21/21 bar
Outrigger Soil Pressure w/ Dunnage (front/rear)70/70 psi4.8/4.8 bar
Outrigger Width, Front26'7.9 m
Outrigger Width, Rear21' 5"6.5 m
Outrigger Length29' 4"8.9 m