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New excavation tool unveiled by Fort Morgan company. 

Integrated Chassis Solutions LLC(ICS), a new company headquartered in Fort Morgan, unveiled its first product Monday, SKY-VAC. ‚Äč

SKY-VAC is basically a large, easy-to-maneuver extension hose for a hydrovac. Hydrovacs are large pieces of machinery which utilize powerful suction and a pressure washer to safely excavate. Hydrovacs have become increasingly popular in the oil field industry as they have minimal risk of damaging underground infrastructure...

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Next model unveiled. 

The SKY-VAC SV-120-2 from Integrated Chassis Solutions contains the hydrovac excavation package (blower, filter housing, silencers, cyclone, boiler, pump, etc.), along with the water tank and boom, all on one chassis. A vacuum box acts as the debris tank that can be emptied and replaced, all while the unit stays positioned and remains working...